Exploited Teens So Dirty!

May 4th, 2016 by Rhino

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Sometimes you see an Exploited Teens video and you can’t help but feel a little bit dirty. Not super perverted, but like a perversion that kind of hugs you and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside (and out)!

Watching barely legal teens blow cock and get laid on video for the first time can have that kind of effect on you. Along with the younger babes Exploited Teens also bangs some smoking hot college coeds!

Exploited Teens – Ally

May 3rd, 2016 by Rhino

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Watch Ally from Exploited Teens take the cock you get the feeling you are watching a high schooler have sex. Her tits are young and pert and her ass is as firm as they come!

Ally wasn’t shy about having sex on the first date. She got right down to blowing cock porn star style and then didn’t mind taking it in the bum. Like a good girl she took the Exploited Teens money shot like a true champ. What a girl!

Exploited Teens Virgin Pussy?

May 2nd, 2016 by Rhino

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Once again Exploited Teens scores another virgin pussy! OK, so she most likely ain’t a virgin. No problem. You can always dream and, come on, that thing don’t look like a tight fit to you?

Grab your password and enjoy the videos. Updates roll in every Friday and with years of archives there is plenty of variety for you to explore!

Exploited Teens – Taylor

May 1st, 2016 by Rhino

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This is Taylor. Unfortunately Taylor has a slight butter face. It ain’t all bad… but it ain’t all good either. Luckily she has the cutest little pussy. It more than makes up for the butter up above. So fucking tight and her clit is pierced!

Exploited Teens was more than happy to let Taylor use her dick sucking lips (see, she ain’t all bad!) on some cock before stuffing her pussy to the hilt. You have to watch the fucking Taylor video (no, pun intended). You wonder how a cock can fit in that tight, little thing!

Exploited Teens Jada and Joey

April 30th, 2016 by Rhino

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exploited-teens jadajoey

Chicks are crazy. Take Jada and Joey from Exploited Teens for example. They pop into the studio and start out a little shy. Over time they are making out with each other and even go down on each other, lapping pussy!

But! Then when its time to take the cock they get all tense!

Apparently they don’t mind giving their pussy up to one another, but giving it up to some hard cock on camera is just too much for them. No worries though… They both make a nice spectacle of sharing the cock between their mouths that you almost forget they are prudish!

Exploited Teens, their what’s for dinner!

Exploited Teens – Kristin

April 29th, 2016 by Rhino

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I know what you are thinking. There is no way this little girl is 18 years old. Well, she is… and she just got in to the big city of the little city bus. She has hopes and dreams of becoming a big star some day. We have hopes and dreams of banging the shit out of her!

Exploited Teens turns these girls out the hard way. The long, hard way. It isn’t all bad though. Most of the girls are cock hungry monsters!

Kristin is one such monster. She takes the Mommy’s Little Monster thing and runs with it. Her barely legal video is so fucking crazy you have to see it to believe it and there is only one way to do that. Pick up your Exploited Teens password and enjoy the show!

Exploited Teens

April 28th, 2016 by Rhino

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You are probably going to think I am some kind of sicko, but I can’t help myself. Looking at this barely legal, nubile teenager I can’t help thinking that I am looking at the side of a milk carton! This small town sweetheart looks like she just got off the bus for her first time in the big city!

Like most teenagers she has stars in her eyes and dreams of making it big in Hollywood. Well, hate to break it to you there, kiddo, while you might look plenty good enough to fuck, you aren’t Hollywood material!

It isn’t all hard luck though… The guy at Exploited Teens finds girls like this one and puts them in his movies. First they show that they have technique by blowing his finger. So fucking hot! Then they move on up to sucking his big, meaty cock before letting him plunge it into their nubile snatches!

Speaking of nubile snatches… Just look at that gash!

The site has been open and updating since 2000! There are over 500 full length teen exploitation videos for you to choose from. Only – you don’t have to choose! You can download and/or stream all of them!

Celebrate your Fridays with ExploitedTeens.com!

Exploited Teens

April 27th, 2016 by Rhino

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veronique1 paige1
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Very few teen sites really know what they are doing. Sure, they come up to bat and they might even get a base hit, but they usually just strike out or hit the fucking ball right into somebodies glove…

Exploited Teens takes their business seriously. What business are they in? Well, the business of exploiting teens for sex and cash of course!

It ain’t all bad of the girls though… Many of them go on to either make great porn stars or they go on to become the most interesting girl in the office! Either way, they are showered with attention and if you are going to suck a guys cock on video, knowing full well that it will be posted on the Internet, you are an attention whore!

Nothing wrong with that. Without them we wouldn’t have porn!

With over a decade of videos in the archives you can literally follow several generations of fashion viewing their point of view teen videos. Take the Exploited Teens tour and shoot your sperm right out of the ballpark!

Exploited Teens POV

April 26th, 2016 by Rhino

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So she ain’t exactly a ten. Hell, she ain’t even an eight or a nine and unless you are in rural America she might not even make a seven… But she is the girl next door and fuck me if she ain’t won a spot in the Exploited Teens archives!

Her name is Dezeray and she, along with hundreds of other girls, loves to suck cock. Most of the girls start out sucking a finger first and if you’ve ever had your finger sucked on by a nice piece of ass, it’s quite pleasurable!

Everything at Exploited Teens is shot POV style so you really feel like you are either reliving or just beginning some good times!

While Dezeray might not be a ten, they do have a few along with every other number in the decimal system. Not only are these videos fun to watch, you might learn a thing or two!

Exploited Teens, it’s what’s for dinner!

Exploited Teens : Leah & Emily

April 25th, 2016 by Rhino

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Don’t tell me the thought hasn’t crossed your mind. That you haven’t fantasized about doing this yourself. Welcome to Exploited Teens. A place where you can explore your fantasies without having to get (too) dirty!

The guy that runs this site finds girls fresh off the Greyhound bus from middle America. They have stars in their eyes and dreams of being the next Julia Roberts. He has dreams too. Dreams of bathing these teen nubiles in a shower of cum!

Things start out innocent enough as he interviews them and asks them general screening questions. Then he starts adding a perverted twist and the girls begin to realize this isn’t a normal interview.

The girls answer some pretty private questions like how old they were when they first masturbated to what their favorite sexual positions are. Soon her has his finger in their mouth as they succumb to their curiosity!

Exploited Teens is like super-food for super perverts. If you enjoy watching young girls get exploited this site will definitely be right up your alley!

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